Friday, June 4, 2010

Healthy Thyroid Center

I had the pleasure to work with Sonya White, the founder and owner of Healthy Thyroid Center, in San Francisco.
Sonya helps primarily people who suffer from Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, or AutoImmune Thyroiditis. However, anybody experiencing low energy, weight gain, aching joints, mood swings and a variety of other symptoms can benefit from Sonya's mind-body approach to health.

When Sonya asked me to take pictures of her and her work, I immediately felt a connection. We share the same business philosophy, one based on collaboration and creativity, working WITH our clients and not for them.

We met a couple of times and talked a lot over the phone. As I listened to her describing her business, it became obvious she has a strong calling to heal people. On the phone and in person, she was open, caring, knowledgeable, gentle, but assertive. I wanted to convey all that in my photographs and together we looked at images online, went through her wardrobe to pick clothes and brainstormed ideas. Angela Laflamme perfect make up and styling advice completed the preparations and the day of the shoot we were ready to rock!

Here are some of my favorite images.

I couldn't help but taking a photo of Genny, too. Sonya's dog is adorable!

Sonya really listens to her patients and has a collaborative and gentle approach to healing. I loved working with her, and not just as a photographer. After years of doctors not listening and not checking on my symptoms, I finally met with Sonya a few days after taking her photos. She figured out I had a very common food allergy and changed my life. Thank you, Sonya.

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