Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Engagement Photos at Baker's Beach

Winter is the best time to take pictures...if you don't mind the cold! Luckily in San Francisco we can sometimes have warm afternoons even in January and February.

Seriously, though, winter is a magical season as the sun is at a lower angle in the sky. It makes for a softer, gentler light, perfect for portraits and engagement shoots. You can read more about the beauty of the winter sky on Jean's Garden Blog, which I happened to read today quite by chance and really enjoyed.


 When photographing a couple who is engaged and planning their wedding, I like to capture the little moments, the love between them. I find that shooting at a park or quiet place where we can all get comfortable and relax is ideal.  We went to Baker's Beach in this case as Nia and Serdar wanted the Golden Gate Bridge in the background for some of the images.

 We lingered until dusk. Below is the very last picture I took for the day. I love San Francisco!

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