Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tony and Jeanie's Wedding at the Cliff House

Here are some of my favorite pictures from Jeanie and Tony's wedding at the Cliff House, in San Francisco. It was April, so a bit windy and cold, but also sunny and magical.  How cool is it to spend the best day of your life with all your loved ones in San Francisco? 

The Cliff House is beautiful inside, especially in the afternoon, when the sunlight filters in through the windows. I love taking pictures of details at a wedding, right before the guests walk in.


And here's one of my favorite images, even more so because completely unexpected and unplanned! I love that Jeanie is wearing Tony's jacket.  Brides need to stay warm too!

Here are some images from the ceremony. At the Cliff House you can get married overlooking Ocean Beach.  

Tip for all brides and grooms: kiss for a long time! Help out your photographer capture that first kiss after you become a married couple

And here's my favorite part: pictures with just the couple. Jeanie and Tony took some time apart from everyone else to walk around with me. It was fun and relaxing to have time to themselves and to just be creative and romantic.


And lastly, a few pictures of Jeanie's awesome traditional Korean dress.  A surprise for me as well.


One very last detail...I love to take time to really "look" as I photograph a wedding and sometimes the smallest details are the most meaningful.

 Congratulations Jeanie and Tony!

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