Tuesday, July 5, 2011

North Beach Engagement Photos: Marco and Lindsey

I met Marco through BAIA, a wonderful group of Italian professionals workings in the Bay Area. Marco is Italian, from Canada and is planning his wedding with Lindsey.

Lindsey picked a city theme for our engagement shoot together. Most of Lindsey and Marco's family will be traveling to the wedding from out of town and Lindsey thought it would be great to show a little bit of San Francisco in the engagement pictures.

Marco and Lindsey are really planning everything together: they love to be creative and to think of all the little personal touches they can add to their wedding. Marco is even designing his and his groomsmen's ties! 

The weather was really unpredictable the day of the shoot, but we got lucky and it didn't rain. After walking in North Beach, we decided to head for some greenery and more intimate pictures. I always encourage couples to bring extra outfits, it can be fun to change half way through our session together.

Only at the end of the session I found out Marco and Lindsey have a Vespa! WHAAAT? We had to take a final picture!

And here's the extra bonus: Marco wanted a fun kiss in front of the Italian flag in North Beach. Thank you both for a wonderful day in the city!